Mechanical Mods

There are lots of mods starting to pop up in Boise but for the most part they are all variable. In my opinion mechanical is the only way to go on them. Let me explain. We sell some super nice drippers and Genesis style heads and we have customers bring in teslas, lambo’s and mods that fall in that category and we can barely get them to hit on the system that they are designed for. The coils that we have become experts on building register any where from .6 to .9 ohms. if you want to enjoy vaping at that level come get a fully mechanical. I realize that this may sound like foreign language to some but before you spend money on a really nice piece of equipment stop in to are store and check out what these mods are really capable of.
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Thank You Boise

Café De Vapor would like to thank our customers for spreading the word about our store and the  quality of our products. As of yet we have not had to advertise at all because of great people like all of you that spread the word. Everyday we see lots of new faces and of course ask the question “how did you hear about us?” and almost everyone says so and so told me to come down. It is has been so effective we like to show are gratitude by offering you a  special program. Starting September 1st if someone comes down to our store and drops your name we will make a list once we hear your name 5 times we will give you a vip card which will offer you 5% off all of are e juice and mods and 10% off all of are accessories and electronic cigarettes.

Cafe De Vapor Vip Card

There are already several of you that next time I see you I am going to give you the card in advance. It is because of great customers like you that are small business is growing at a faster rate then we could have possibly hoped for. Once again I would like to say Thank You….


Café De Vapor Team

Vapor Stores

With these vapor and e-cig stores popping up everywhere in Boise, Nampa, Meridian and Caldwell one starts to wonder what the difference between them all. I mean they all sell E-Juice and they all have Electronic Cigarettes for sale, right? Well allow me to break it down for you, here is what it takes to open a vapor store.

  • Money
  • A Lease on a building
  • Products

Well if that’s all it takes why does everyone have there company logo on there e-liquids and e-cigs? Do they have there own manufacturing plant? Are they tied into a company like blu?

The answer is no, all they have to do is buy a really cheaply made device from china and have there named badged onto it. Then they buy a bunch a little bottles spend ten minutes looking for a recipe online, mix it all up and put it back in the little bottle and market it as there house brand premium e-juice.

Well the system works but is it the best? Here at Café De Vapor off of State Street and Gary lane next to albertsons. We will be the first to tell you we don’t order a bunch of no name batteries and slap are name on them and call them quality. We don’t buy Juice by the barrell and act like we are gourmet chefs when it comes to mixing. No, were just a couple of people that know the key to running a small business. So we order batteries from a company that makes the best batteries then we find companies that make juice in the United States that are gourmet chefs and understand the art to it. We carry there products and stand behind them. We treat customers like family and we help them get what they actually need. Then after the sale we are here to help them if they ever need a refresher or if they feel like something might not be right.

We had a choice when we opened we could become the sick norm and carry the same products as everyone else. Or we could make way less margins and survive on repeat business. So far it is working as planned. If you are new to vaping or if you are a veteran vapor we invite you down to try are quality e-liquids and take a well made battery for a test drive.





Smoking Is Dead and Vaping Is The Future

With more and more people converting from traditional cigarettes to vapor e-liquids I feel that traditional smoking is going to be put on life support in the next few years. It is only a matter of time until the FDA is going to be forced to report on the vaping scene as a safer alternative to smoking. The petition reached the white house with 25,000 signatures demanding the FDA to do a study, now we wait.

It would be great if all the vapers could unite and stay close so that if necessary we can work in numbers in the future. If  the government tries to regulate this or tax it for something that it is not we will be prepared to respond, join the forum and stay informed.

Here at Café De Vapor not only do we run a honest business offering quality products at Vapor Outlet prices, we also take great pride in the fact that people come to us everyday looking to get off cigarettes, and after visiting with us and getting set up with the right e-cig gear, they accomplish just that. Let’s keep the trend going and see if we can’t finally stick it to the tobacco giants.



NW Vapers Launches

Attention:nw-vapers launched today make sure to check it out and register. It is a open discussion board that you  can ask questions or start your own topic. The forum is free for all and we encourage you to sign up and start a thread. We will be monitoring the board and we will be posting some pretty cool stuff on there. The first thread that we will be starting is going to be all about re-buildable atomizers and the most popular electronic cigarette mods. If you are unfamiliar with the power of a mods then this is  a forum that you are going to want to be part of. If you have any questions about the vapor world just post it and watch the community help. It’s time to put the North West vapor community on the map so come on Boise let’s get started.

Free Stuff

Raffle Ticket

At Café De Vapor we offer prizes to our customers every Friday. To win all you have to do is stop in and make a purchase. For every twenty dollars that you spend on electronic cigarette supplies or e-juice you get one raffle ticket. Then on fridays we pick one ticket out of the raffle bowl and if your number is chosen you win. Some weeks we give away bottles of e-juice and other weeks we give away high quality mods that retail for over $139.99

We also offer Facebook  promotions we pick at least    one fan a month for a big prize which can beanywhere from a upgraded mod to a Joyetech Ego-Twist electronic cigarette with a tank system. You can increase your oddsof winning one of these great prizes by liking and sharing post on our facebook page. This month prize will be awarded on the 15th of August itis for a e-vic mod,which is the most technologically advanced e-cig on the market. Make sure to check out are video page to lear more about it.



Café De Vapor


If this is your first time to this page welcome. We are a electronic cigarette store in Boise. We carry some of the best e-liquid in Idaho provided to us by New Age Vapor out of Orange County California. If you have not already tried it for your self we encourage you to stop in today and check it out. We are located off of State street and Gary Lane in the North Gate Shopping center next to Albertsons.

All of the batteries that we offer are authentic Joyetechs for those of you that do not recognize that brand they are the leader in the electronic cigarette world.

They are the ones to patent the ego, so be assured there quality surpasses there competition. So before you think about buying anywhere else make sure to stop in and take one for a test drive, you will be glad that you did!ego twist